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My name is Lori Imdad, aka Lori, the Tech Writer.

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My mission is to help you overcome in-house content writing shortages and save you the cost of a full-time employee and all it entails.

The pandemic brought dynamic changes to the workforce. People who had never worked remote were pushed into it, sink or swim style.

Larger businesses were able to carry on without skipping a beat, but SMBs struggled to rebalance tasks on remaining workers as they were forced to reduce their workforce.

Managed Services Providers and Managed Security Services Providers are still reeling from malware and ransomware attacks. Keeping threat actors from getting into their environments and to their customers’ networks.

You can have I.T. Staff write content or make sure updates and patches are being applied.

It’s a dilemma I think I can help you overcome. Let’s Talk. 

Meet Lori

Lori was born in a Southwest town in Connecticut to a family of predominantly Irish and Canadian descent. Later, she moved to California and New York before beginning her career as an I.T. professional.

In 2005 she moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh, with her family.

Once in Dhaka, she joined the World Health Organization as an I. T. Specialist.

The role would be her last technology-based in Bangladesh.

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